Almost time to set the Flintstones

Tomorrow is Sept 17, which is the first day 14 days of data are in Tablo.First I thought it was today, but then when I count with today being 1, day 14 is Sept 29,

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this is just hurtful! It’s already been posted once!

after this…

MeTV to be replaced by Justice Network

I almost feel no-MeTV shaming - new form of online bullying!

disclaimer: I realized bullying is a serious issue. I this isn’t intended to discount bullying, just a bit of silly fun, without offense as I’m joking about Flintstones and a television network.

Won’t post any new shows coming or you can ignore my post.

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Does anyone know why they never air episode 14 of season 1 of the Flintstones? I’ve watched them go around 3 times now through season 1 and they always skip Episode 14.

Warner Bros YouTube channel has a full copy of it archived here:

Not sure why it is skipped.

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I have a few other series where TV stations always skip certain episodes. The link you supplied requires you to pay $1.99 for the episode. Do you know if when you purchase it do you get an digital copy of it or is it stored on some stupid cloud somewhere for you to watch when ever you want? I might be willing to purchase them just to complete my collections.

“payment to watch” not to purchase. :frowning: May be a clue, and it being YouTube - Google needs to know what you do… It very unlikely you can add it to your collection. But what do I really know?

You can watch it free (Ad Supported) here: or here: .

As in no $ financial cost, not free - without restriction. “Free” can be a marketing term, or a personal perception in some cases - if your time has no value😐