Allow Recording from Apple TV app without subscription

Title says it all. As a PVR device , I think it should be a basic fonctionnality to allow recording without the need of a subscription OR the use of a computer / smartphone mandatory.


Now this is one feature that is guaranteed to get done. It just takes some time to get all the apps working the same way.

This feature is already on the Roku app (not sure about the Android TV app). It will get on the AppleTv app at some point.

We agree.

That’s why we’re working on adding it to Apple TV right now. We’ll be doing some beta testing on it when it is complete and it’ll be available in the next release should that go according to plans.


Hi TabloTV

Any good news on this matter? Still in beta testing?

Thanks for your efforts and your follow up on this.

Still getting some polish and a few other tidbits from the dev team. Getting closer all the time though.

Do you have a follow up on this feature? Is Santa going to give me a present for this year? :wink:

He is! Not sure it will be in the very next update, but if not it will be in the one after.

Will it come with an announcement at CES?

Nope. Just a run of the mill app update.

We’re not doing the big shindig this year. They like to see new hardware and we don’t have any to announce right now.

@TabloTV still no present for me? Can I be part of beta testing for helping the process? Thanks

We added this feature in the last update: NEW - Tablo Apple TV App Update (v.1.8.0)

Are you having troubles with it?

Great news! it works now! I did had to manually update the app on my apple tv and everything is now working. Thanks for the follow up @tablotv and for this new feature I was waiting for :wink: