All same named shows into one folder

Not sure if this has been asked before. If we don’t have a subscription and we do manual recordings, can the same shows be put into one named folder? For instance if I am recording Big Bang Theory at two different times and/or channels, why can’t these all be put into the same named folder? I’m recording it at two different times in on one channel, another time on another channel, all named Big Bang Theory. The way it is now there will be three different folders with one episode in each channel. They should all be put into the same named folder Big Bang Theory. It seems this would be easy enough to do.


I think, with manual recording, you’re scheduling a “time” not actually a show. With the subscription you get to schedule a series, manually you have to select what “time” you want something recorded - not matter what is on during that time slot.

Manually are named what ever you name them, not necessarily from guide data. So tablo probably doesn’t have them stored by show name in it’s DB from that respect.

It would be easy, but it’s only included with a subscription - What’s Included In My Tablo Subscription?

But even with a subscription if you record the big bang theory (or any same named show for that matter) at different times or channels you still get numerous folders named the same.

ok ive never actually seen any folders all show regardless of channel are all together on my system

No, your statement is not correct. I have recorded shows on different channels and all of the recordings were put into one folder. The only reason I could see for them being in separate folders is if the guide data identified the shows differently for some reason.

I wouldn’t expect to see Tablo making to many changes for non-subscribers since the subscribers are the ones paying additional money for enhancements and improvements.

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Are these too manual recordings? If not and your taboo is less than 12mths old it’s under warranty, contact support since your doesn’t seem to be working like everyone else’s.

Yes, manual recordings while I had a subscription.

It’s no biggie. Just an inconvenience and something that just makes sense whether you have a subscription or not. And it doesn’t sound like something that would take much work. I’m not a coder but it sure sounds like an “if this then that” type of thing.

Manual recordings are still schedueling “time” not a specific show. You give them a name, tablo device doesn’t organize names you provide, that’s a lot of overhead, even if they match an actual show name.

You may consider a 3rd party app so you can hyper-organize things. capto used with wrapto (search forums) will give you much control.

How is that a lot of overhead? Yes I realize it’s recording a time but you name the show. So doesn’t sound to be very difficult for all the recordings with the same name to be in the same folder.

I was thinking overhead as in all the possible gahzillion of different names it may need to organize. From what I’ve seen, the guide data provides some DB type info for the shows (it’s more complex than this), so organizing is already done.

start here http://[tabloIP]:8885/recordings/shows
then replace shows with series/XXXXX you find in the list.
That’s just some of it, try
http://[tabloIP]:18080/pvr/ put one of those numbers on the end of…

Doesn’t sound to be very difficult incorporating a made up name into that? where would you start

note: I use firefox, it parses JSON into readable text. If you use a proprietary browser it will just be a whole bunch of text. A simple utility HTTPie is cross-platform, color highlighting and supports JSON. It actually does way whole bunch more, but works here.


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As simplistic as you suspect it ought to be, substitute the address of your tablo for [tabloIP], use, maybe a web browser or HTTPie and go here http://[tabloIP]:8885/recordings/shows pick something from the list… then http://[tabloIP]:8885/recordings/episodes/XXXX except instead of XXXX use the number you find in the list, this just just for illustration.

Dig into episodes, http://[tabloIP]:18080/pvr/ pick a number, append it to the end of this instead of the XXXX

Now, you suggest the simple implication of manual recordings in to their structure of organizing.

I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. I’m not really trying to organize the folders on my own, I just thought having the tablo organize these on their own would be nice. It’s not a big thing. Just a suggestion for improvement. Kind of redundant having it look like this.

It would be a big improvement if you had one Big Bang folder with 4 episodes, one CSI folder with 3 episodes instead of this cluttered mess

You commented “So doesn’t sound to be very difficult for all the recordings with the same name to be in the same folder.” I was showing you how they organize shows. Have a look, if you don’t feel it’d be overly difficult, suggest how to implement a recording with no data into their database.

Wouldn’t that negate the incentive for the $5/month fee? Make it better not to pay? How does that fit into any corporations business model?

Well, I know nothing of coding but I get your point. As I said it was just a suggestion. Is it worth $5 a month, $60 a year or whatever the life time subscription is to have it organized? Not in my opinion. But then I’ve been spoiled by using WMC for years. Most of my TV habits are streaming but I like to have a DVR for News and certain shows but I won’t pay a monthly fee for it. I could care less about the artwork. Don’t get me wrong, this is the best DVR out there and the cheapest subscription and a fair price at the $100 I paid. But if I see something i see that needs improving I’ll make a suggestion and thats all I was doing.

I’m pay, but didn’t go all in with lifetime, I may want out of their terms. I understand your reasoning.

I use a media PC for most (all) of my viewing, personal reasons to avoid propitiatory analytical OTT devices. There are 3rd party app for “downloading” recordings to PCs and mobile devices, not sure if these even fit your needs…

I can hyper-organize and name everything exactly how I want/need everything. It also allows my to use virtually any media player, set keys to just 30sec or 1min. No fumbling with thumbnails or FF and hitting play and getting where ever it ends up.

For me, tablo keeps track of scheduling and records, I’ll organize, play and keep track of what and when I watch something, even if I do.

yes, I change my foil hat everyday :space_invader: :tokyo_tower:

I actually bought Tablo so I could get rid of my HTPC haha. But thanks

…and HTPC vs tablo, which let you do what you wanted? Which controls you vs which you have control over? haha …while being subjected to the data mining of your OTT devices

Well, My Dell PC was a power hog with fan noise and took up space. Tablo isn’t the perfect replacement for Windows media center but it’s the closest you’ll find. And its better at fast forwarding. Tablo can zoom through commercials super fast. And I can watch it on any TV in the house. Don’t have to have the HD homerun tuners, the remote control functions of the HTPC and dongles galore, Jeez I was using 8 USB ports. And most of my viewing is streaming nowadays anyway so it made sense to get rid of it. At least I don’t have to worry about viruses or updates anymore. I use an Android TV box to watch my movie collection on a hard drive via Kodi. But now my system is sparking clean with my Roku TV, a Vizio soundbar, a Tablo and an Android box. Can’t say I miss the PC. I don’t have blu-ray capabilities anymore but I can’t remember the last time I rented a blu-ray from Redbox. Can’t believe they’re still in business.