All recordings not showing in Chrome Web App

I have a recording that I can see on my iPad, my Android tablet, and my Roku, but it doesn’t show on the Web app despite which device I’m using.  Anyone know a fix for this?  It is my most recent recording of SNL. I have verified I can play it via the iPAD and Android tablet, so I know it’s actually there… it’s just not in the list on the web app.

First, look closely at all the dates of the recordings and the episode numbers.  The Web app doesn’t sort correctly, and it will put episode 10 ahead of episodes 2, 3, 4,etc.   I was worried myself when I was trying to find the latest Cosmos show, and since it was episode 10 last night, it was listed before all the others.

If that isn’t the issue, then it may be out of sync with you Tablo.  To force a re-sync, you have to go to Settings, Disconnect the Tablo, Delete the Tablo, and finally Connect back to it.

Thanks… but that’s apparently not my issue.  I have only two recordings, and when you select the TV show on the Web App is shows 1 episode recorded, and it’s not the one I’m looking for.

It seems like Tablo syncs each time, but I did disconnect and reconnect… didn’t solve the issue.

This really is a pain in the butt.  I bought this because I’m not home much and want to watch my TV shows when I travel for work.  Unfortunately I can’t connect when traveling to the shows I want if they don’t all show up in the recordings listing.  Tablo is a great idea… but it’s half-baked in implementation so far.

Did you delete though?  Disconnect and reconnect does not do a sync. Only a delete and re-add will.

@Rich - @snowcat is correct on this one. Try deleting your Tablo from the web app. Then go through the scan, add, and syncing process. Let me know if this solves your issue - we’ll investigate in the meantime. 

@snowcat, I thought I did disconnect and reconnect, because I had to go back to the basement to get the Tablo to connect as the WiFi signal from the Tablo isn’t strong enough to reach to other places in the house.  I just repeated this effort now though, going through disconnect, deleting the Tablo, and then reconnecting.

This did fix the issue of recordings not showing up… there were many more missing than the one SNL eposiode, it’s just that it what I have been trying to watch.

Does this disconnect affect the Port Mapping?  I’m wondering if when I previously disconnected if that’s why my Port Forwarding no longer worked.  I noticed after completing the steps tonight, that my Public Ports are now all 200 higher than what I had set previously in my routing configurations.  I’m wondering if they increment each time you disconnect and reconnect.  If so, managing this is going to be a pain.

Thanks for the help on that issue.

No, the disconnect will not affect port mapping.   What will affect port mapping is if the IP Address of the Tablo changes.  I had that problem for a while before I finally went into my router and gave the Tablo a static address.  

I did notice recently that sometimes I had to hit refresh on my browser to see all the recordings for a show.   The delete and re-add should always work, but hit refresh a couple of times as well if a recording isn’t visible to see if that fixes it.

@snowcat that is definitely a bug – you shouldn’t ever have to refresh. If you are ever able to reproduce this issue consistenly, do let me know. In the meantime I’ll look out for this behavior.

It hasn’t happened often, but I will be on the lookout if it happens again,

@snowcat, thanks again.

I’ve noticed that recordings haven’t been made now that I did the disconnect and reconnect.  Not sure what happened, but my Tablo no longer sees any of my network stations… on the two PBS OTA signals.  I’ve confirmed nothing has changed on the antenna (I went up on the roof tonight), and the cable in the house is fine because I’m getting signal for the PBS stations.  Any clue why Tablo dumped the four network stations?

It’s a pain in the butt not having this thing work well. :frowning:

@Rich, I had that happen once, but it’s been over a month since it happened. I lost all my HD channels, yet I could see my SD ones. I had to hit the reset button on the Tablo, and that fixed it.

@Rich you’re not the only one who is having issues with some recordings (or data in general) not showing up in the web app. I am actively investigating this.

You mentioned that your WiFi connection to the Tablo isn’t very strong. This makes me wonder if the web app isn’t handling edge cases properly when sync packets time-out. I’ll look at this as well.

A web app update is forthcoming with some other fixes, hopefully I can track something down for that release.

@Rich an update to the web app was pushed out today. Among the changes implemented are some robustness fixes to the sync process. I’m now able to hit refresh or even disconnect the network during sync process, and it’s capable of recovering without a hitch. I’m hoping that solves some issues, but I won’t get my hopes up just yet! Let me know how it goes.

If for any reason your Tablo is SYNCING in Chrome browser and you don’t let it finish and give it time to complete its thing and take off say with your device, I have found some recordings don’t show up away from home.  Not only this, but if you come back home and launch Tablo on your laptop etc. it still doesn’t have all the recording.  So, if you do as Snowcat said and delete the Tablo and allow it to resync and be PATIENT, everything will show up.  All this may have something to do with the speed and quality of your WiFi would be one guess I would throw out there.  Bottom line, is be sure while you are at home you see all your recordings before hitting the road.

Has there been a fix? My issue is I can see/use my Roku and iPad with full functionality and no issues. The Web App (using Chrome) is unable to view recorded video. I get audio but just a black screen in the browser.

Disregard my last - I think my Firewall was causing problems. All fixed now.