All recordings deleted!

I woke this morning and all my recordings are deleted. The future recordings are still showing as ready to record but the past recordings are gone. I have no idea why. if this can happen, i made a very bad choice!

Please submit a trouble ticket to the Tablo support folks. They can likely help you.

I have never seen that happen except with a factory reset. How many recordings did you have? Have you looked on multiple devices (smartphone, PC, Roku, etc) to make sure they just aren’t showing up for one player?

I probably lost a dozen recordings. I have a tv with roku3, a tv with roku stick and tablo app on my phone. all show no recordings. one tv was still showing last comic standing–delete on the screen (when i went to bed) so it should be showing as a recording available to watch.

If the recordings are more than a month old, I find they disappear from the list on the official Roku channel. They are still there, but you have to look for them in the preview channel.

You can also change the sort order in the old App to not be date based and they will show up again on Roku.

In the old app I like to use “sort by title (a-z)”. The missing recordings are there.

i changed to alphabetical. still no recordings.

If they aren’t showing up on your phone, then they are likely gone. Please submit a ticket to support, so they can look at your device. Maybe they can retrieve them somehow, or at least figure out why it happened.

I wonder if your hard drive is being recognized. The settings screen will show you hard drive info. How much free space is it showing? If you don’t see anything on your hard drive, then that is the culprit.

UPDATE: last night my recording were back on my phone. on both tv’s the recordings tried to load and then rebooted, over and over. this morning i get up and all recordings are there. is this fixing by itself? I’ve only had this setup for 2 weeks.

I’M GETTING FRUSTRATED with TABLO! once again all my recordings are ‘gone’ on tablo but yet my phone app still show them available. shoul i get amazon to send another unit under warranty?

Submit a ticket to Tablo first, and they can look at your particular Tablo and its logs.

This really sounds like a Hard Drive issue.

for two days now, i have not been able to access recorded programs on my big tv but i can on my little tv. The systtem has been working good for a few weeks. now it’s done it again. I unplugged everything to that tv several times last night but still could not access the recorded programs…and now, this morning at 0615, it’s all working again! I have a Roku3 on the big tv and a roku stick on the litle tv.

@kitesurfer Could you get access to live TV on the Roku3? Was the whole app inaccessible, or just the Recordings page? If this crops up again, send us a ticket right away and we can see what’s going on.

and here i am again, 25 days later with the same issue.