All of my firestick 4k devices are having issue with tablo

I have several devices, lg tv’s, an apple 4k tv, android devices which are all able to interact with my tablo quad. Viewing live and recorded content. My amazon firesticks 3 such devices can not view any content. Is there an issue with tablo and firesticks?

My quad is running firmware 2.2.28.

Update: I have been able to nail down the Tablo app does not like to go over my Netgear network extender. I can do everything else over the network extender, surf the web, stream music, watch Hulu, etc.

Now my question is what network port or protocol does Tablo need that a network extender would not pass? If anyone has experience with using Tablo on an extended network, please chime in. BTW, my tablo quad is hardwired to my isp router.

Is your extender by chance putting your Tablo and (and/or the rest of your devices on the extender) on a different subnet than the devices connected to the main router? The Tablo won’t be able to reach devices on different subnets.

No not a different subnet. Everything is on the 192.168.1.x network. I have determined that not only does the extended network effect the firestick it also does not allow my Android tablet to work either.

To be specific, I can see the tablo on the extended network but I get a playback error when trying to play live tv or a recording.

I have solved the problem. The isp router and the network extender have a mismatch of channels on the 5MHz WiFi. Once I made sure they were both on the same channel, all my devices are not working with Tablo.