All of my 1 hr recorded shows are 90 min now since the .14 firmware update

Is anyone else having this problem?? I Can’t find any other mention.

All my 1 hr recorded shows are recording for 1 hr. and 30 Min. now. instead of the familiar 1 hr 5 min. It’s going to chew my drive space up that much faster now…

Probably because they are the season finally shows. All end of season shows are extended 30 mins. Should be no problem if you watch them and erase.

I see this a lot as well… the finales are extended by 50% if a tuner is available, so hour shows are an hour and a half, and half hour shows are 45 minutes. Live shows are also extended, again, if a tuner is available.

Yup seeing the same thing. I was asking my wife yesterday why most of the shows she recorded seemed to go half an hour into the next show, None of them were finales but regular daytime programs.

I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the firmware update. All my shows last week had the normal 5 minute extended time, while most of my shows this week are extended because of season finales.

@MarkKindle @ljckbailey If you’ve still got examples of the shows that weren’t finales that were recorded for extra-long, send our support team a note with the details. We’ll take a look & see what caused it!

Here is one :

Schedule shows from 9-10pm , but recording length was 1 hr. 30 min… Schedule is set for New Shows. Also I I have a new show schedule for the next show on the same channel from 10-11pm and that one had the expected 60 min. length.

After 4 year did it happen again? Any one else or is this just a unicorn or “normal”?

Bloodline is the season finale.

Tablo got tired of hearing about finales slopping over into the next show and getting chopped. So they automatically extended shows marked as finale.

Is Extend Live Recordings checked/toggled on in Settings? If so, that’s the logic that results in season finales having their recording time extended by 50% and the latest episode of Magnum P.I. (episode 16) was the season finale.

What’s included in the Tablo’s Smart Scheduling features? – Tablo (

Thanks for the info! Yes, extend is turned on. Didn’t know it functioned that way because the help text for the toggle switch says “Record extra time for live events in case they go longer than scheduled.” , which I presume to mean like overtime in a live football game. But the Tablo may not understand that since it was born in Canada :slight_smile: .

I agree, that is very misleading. It’s extremely unlikely Live Recordings does not equate to “season/series finales” for the general population. It may make sense to developers? :neutral_face:

Similarly to finding info web app (in select browsers) doesn’t show commercial skip messages is on the support article about error messages.

While I don’t necessarily disagree, it IS documented. And I think you mean it’s extremely likely.

Before posting I did a search on all of - “Smart Scheduling” aside from an obscure Knowledge Base Tech Support article it shows up in a couple blog posts. There’s no mention in any of the product pages or any of the readily available information to equate live recordings to “season/series finales”. So yes, it is documented since January 13, 2021 apparently.

I mean it’s unlikely users will equate “extend live recordings” synonymous to “extend season/series finales” as well.

If you go back far enough it might be that the guide wasn’t delivered with episodes marked as finale. And then when episodes were marked as finale it seemed that not all of them were correctly marked.

So the extended recording feature might have evolved slowly over time as the guide became better.

Do devices or app with Access to all Tablo screens and filters show which are finales so users have a chance to be aware ahead of time?

Or even any with “most” filters?

I’m a user who has always had record new and extend live turned on.

So I would say “who cares”. You are going to have those episodes extended. And if there is a scheduling conflict you will figure it out. People who are emotionally attached to certain shows usually have an idea that a season finale is happening.

Not meant to be offensive, you’re probably not a typical user :wink:

The one whom posted seems to care, some past commenters had some concern… the answer, is the question “who knows”. There may be others coming along someday.

How much R&D do you spend on getting gracenotes to develop a genre for finale episodes. And once gracenotes provides that genre information tablo implements it in all the apps.

Today I have 98 categories in genre. Way more then I could ever want or effectively use.

Do I really need more. And if so would it be finale. Holy cow I just noticed I had a genre for lgbtq but not for computer nerd. No wonder this list is so huge.

My understanding is the extend live recordings option will not create a scheduling conflict. The 30 minute extension only occurs if there is a free tuner available. If there are 2 shows to be recorded after a finale and you have a 2 tuner Tablo, the 30 minute extension does not happen. So having the option on doesn’t make you miss other shows. It really is a “who cares” option. Unless you actually care it is using more storage space to record 90 minutes instead of 60 minutes for the one finale episode only.

TabloTv cared enough for everyone, to post it on <sigh>Facebook…