All my recordings gone since Saturday the 22nd!

Unbelievable. Right when new seasons start. Tonight we went to watch the news that should have recorded previously, and there was nothing. Nothing back to the 22nd. Then went and looked at other scheduled redordings. All the new pilots…GONE!!! Anyone have any idea what the heck could have happened? We went and looked at scheduled recordings, and all the shows show up as being recorded but everything after the 22nd is gone.

Thanks all,


What device(s) are you using?
I’ve had that happen before. Uninstalling/reinstalling app can clear up that issue if the database on the device is corrupted. If the database on the Tablo itself is corrupted then you’ll need tablo support to straighten it out.

Hi Kirk,
We use Roku devices. We tried on three different ones and all three are showing the same missing content. I did try last night to see if the recording function works and it did when I selected to record an episode, it recorded just fine. It’s as if a chunk of data is missing.

Did you happen to let your guide subscription expire, then you renewed it?

I ask because there’s a bug that I ran across, and somebody else had already reported, where a series set as “record new” at the time of subscription expiration can fail to record a few episodes when the subscription is renewed. My personal theory is that “new” episodes scheduled to record are unscheduled when the subscription expires, but not rescheduled when the subscription is renewed. This only affects series set as “record new”, not “record all”.

I had to go through all my scheduled series and change all “record new” series to “record all” and then back to “record new.” That seems to have fixed them up.

You should get a hold of support through their email system. They’ll be able to help you more than I can. submit a ticket

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@JackPardee no, we have lifetime subscription. I’ll check the status of the recordings tho. Thanks!

@KirkH Thanks. I’ll do that. I’ll need to wait till I get home so I can get the MAC addy.

It’s weird you brought that up, my recordings Don’t show up until I toggle live TV then recordings back-and-forth sometimes twice then the recording start to populate

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We received & responded to your ticket. We’ll get to the bottom of this :upside_down_face: