All I'm seeing are blue dots that mention nothing about commercial skip

Just got my tablo on Friday. I am unfortunately using a TV with a roku Express in a 2.4 ghz saturated area. I only bought the Express because my remote had died and I got clicky didn’t see the lack of 5ghz. Oh well. But after using the tablo on its first weekday I see nothing about commercial skip, failed or otherwise. I will be replacing the Express with another streaming stick tomorrow.

Is Commercial Skip Detection toggled on in Settings? See this article for more information and a screen shot…

I can’t seem to find it in the android app settings menu. I looked. I was using my Galaxy Note 9 because I did not have the TV remote and could not turn the TV on. Using the roku app on the TV seems to work. Could it be on in one device but not another? We will see what happens today with the same recording.

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Oops. Lol. Guess that explains that. Very disappointed as I thought I could read better then that.:wink: