Alexa Integration

Are there any plans to add Alexa integration for Amazon’s Fire TV devices? It would be nice to just tell Alexa to skip forward 2 minutes, etc.

Although the possibility exists, it’s less likely they’ll focus on a single device specific… but what do I know?

If you’re an Amazon household have you checked out Amazon’s Recast? Seems OTA DVRs aren’t a 1x1 comparison, one size doen’t fit all. Tablo is very versatile and has flexible options, and I believe superior video quality.
However Amazon’s device probably integrates well into an Alexa enabled household.

Thanks for the reply. I extensively researched both options. While I like some things better about the recast (such as Alexa integration and channel guide from the Home page of the Fire TV Stick), for me, the extra features Tablo offers (such as automatic commercial skip) outweigh what the Recast offers.