Alabama Auburn game

Very disappointed on the way tablo work on Apple TV. I have had a tablo for over eight years and never had a problem it’s it until they got bought out. It took over a month to fix the original tablo app for Apple TV and I’ve been watching a lot of Amazon prime and Paramount+ because of the way tablo freezes up. Today I wanted to the Alabama game was unable to because it would stops and buffers everything 10 seconds. Come on Tablo fix the app or release the app for the new Tablo. I’m posting a link to show how the Tablo app is working on the Apple TV.

I watched it just fine on the Roku and the 4th gen Tablo. But I was watching the Jags-Titans game last Sunday, and the Roku was pausing every couple of seconds, so it was like watching the game in slow motion. I switched to the legacy app for a little bit (which isn’t as good on 1080i CBS), watched it a little on my 4th gen Android phone app (no issues), and then watched it on the 4th gen app on the Roku, where it magically started working fine again.

So I have no idea why the Tablo sometimes struggles with 1080i channels during sporting events.

The funny this is now that is over I’m watching the recording and it’s playing without any problems. Go figure?

I was watching on the old black 4 tuner tablo because the white tablo does not work with the Apple TV.

MPEG2 is not an ideal streaming format. I think you know that. And Roku struggles with high bitrate content. Again, not something unknown.

This may not be the problem, but I eliminated buffering on my Tablo by directly connecting the Tablo to my router with an ethernet cabe as opposed to using a wireless connection. Doing so will reduce your Tablo wireless traffic by half.

Thanks for the suggestion but It is wired to my router and so is my Apple TV.

There is nothing worse than missing out on a football game! I wait all week for some of them. I hope that you find a solution. Maybe use a Roku as well as AppleTV just for the Tablo? It is a cheap although not ideal solution.

Do you have the latest AppleTV firmware version tvOS 17.1? I was having some issues with playback but it is working fine after that update.

It’s on 17.1 and the lates tablo app. I recorded it and it plays back fine I just could not watch it live.

I’m on 17.2. I can watch anything recorded but nothing live