AirPlay to Third-Generation Apple TV, Video Doesn't Play

I’m attempting to AirPlay from either an iPhone 6s or an iPad Air to a third-generation Apple TV. I am able to stream to the iDevice, but when I start AirPlay I get a still picture (i.e. I see the first frame of the AirPlayed video, but the video doesn’t actually play). Pressing play on the iDevice during AirPlay doesn’t cause video to play on the Apple TV, and I can scrub through the video on the iDevice and the Apple TV updates to show the current video playback position. However the video never actually plays.

I have surround sound enabled on my Tablo, but I have a recording from pre-surround sound firmware that AirPlays properly. Surround sound enabled recordings and live TV do not work. That leads me to suspect that surround sound might play into this issue, however disabling surround sound on the Tablo doesn’t appear to help the issue.

Hmmm. Not sure what’s causing issues . I was just able to use Airplay to play my Tablo app from an iPhone 6S Plus to my AppleTV 3rd Gen without issue. I know you probably are checked but make sure that you’re on the same frequency. (Our router has both 2.4/5 GHz)

Curious how the difference between 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz would impact this situation?

Because both devices need to be on the same frequency, at least ours does.

If one is 2.4 and the other device is on 5.8 they won’t connect.

What if you disable surround sound, and record a new show? Is that able to be airplayed?

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I can do that–how quickly does disabling surround sound take effect? Meaning “do I need to wait a few minutes/restart the Tablo”, or can I just immediately start a recording?

A surround sound setting change takes affect immediately for currently inactive tuners.
Any active tuners will still use the old surround sound setting until they become inactive.
Best way I know of to ensure the surround sound setting you want is set for all tuners is to set the surround sound setting you want, and then reboot the Tablo.
Briefly press the reset button on the back of the unit.

Finally got a chance to test this. I turned off surround sound support, recorded a program on a channel that wasn’t in use, and then tested AirPlay from an iPhone 6s to the third-generation Apple TV. The recording worked properly (there was sound). A different recorded-with-surround-sound recording still failed.

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