AirPlay + Tablo not working with new Apple TV

Greetings, everyone.

New here and to Tablo TV. We recently moved to Austin from NYC and decided to cut the cord. We got a gigabit fiber connection and have been happy using Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.

Football is the exception. (My wife loves her football… :wink: ) so I think Tablo is the answer.

It arrived yesterday, just in time for today’s games.

Setup was a breeze as were the firmware updates. Streaming live TV to an iPad works great however, AirPlay with the new Apple TV does not. After an hour or so of troubleshooting, It would seem that the new Apple TV is the problem.

It works fine with the last generation Apple TV. (tvOS just feels half-baked…)

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I’m close to being in the same boat as you. I’m currently using DirecTV and waiting for the new Tablo app for Apple TV 4th gen, before I cut the cord entirely.

In the meantime, I’ve got Tablo streaming just fine to my Apple TVs (both 3rd and 4th gen) via AirPlay. I’ve found that AirPlay doesn’t want to stay “on” so I have to swipe up from the bottom of my iOS device and turn it on every time before I start the Tablo app.

@gadgetboy - What exactly are you seeing? Which version of the Tablo iPad app are you using? What Tablo firmware?

I have no problems streaming to ATV4. Since Roku and Tablo do not play nice, watching via iPad or streaming t o ATV-4 has been my only option.

I’ve been having no troubles whatsoever.
I tell my iPhone to airplay to the ATV4 then tap on Tablo, select a show and hit play.
Soon as the show pops up on the TV (5-10 seconds?) I lock my phone and start watching.
Pause/play works, scrubbing with the touchpad works, tapping forward 10 seconds works.
It was great for American Music Awards. Commercial starts… “Siri, skip forward 5 minutes” and poof! Commercials gone and show starting again.
(and this was while I was watching mostly live, about a 1/2 hour back in time)

The only time things go odd is if I pause for too long, I think airplay assumed I’ve forgotten about it and it reverts to the iPhone again.

One time I encountered something odd is when I didn’t see any devices when I popped airplay up, but I think that was because I was doing beats1 or some such (All I saw was iPhone and iPhone speaker)

Other than that, works great.

The most recent version of everything - iOS, Tablo firmware and Tablo app.

I have the same results with both my iPad mini and my wife’s iPad 3: “Could not display this content” is the error that (briefly) displays on the Apple TV output.

Based on the experience of others in the forum, it sounds like it might specific to my setup, but I don’t see why.

The only thing I can think of at the moment is that the Apple TV 4 is setup on an ethernet connection and wifi and that perhaps there’s some sort of weirdness with the dual IP addresses.

It’s Gigabit Ethernet and AC wifi (which the new Apple TV supports).

Today, I’ll try disconnecting it from the ethernet to see if that has an impact. After that, I’m stumped.

have you tried to play other content via airplay on your new ATV? If your airplay works for playing homemade videos or whatever and your tablo app is working I dont see why it wouldn’t work when you try to play content from your tablo.
If you have iOS9, you may want to disable multitasking, I can see it causing an issue. You could also check your video settings and airplay settings on your ATV.
If nothing works, I would try to factory reset the ATV (have fun entering password for 5 hours after :smile:)

I’ve noticed the new ATV seems to disconnect more frequently as well, when I pause it can pop out after 2 seconds, sometimes it doesn’t and when I ffw/rw and resume I also get kicked out sometimes too. I dont remember this ever happening on my old ATV.

I’ve noticed if you configure a secondary remote, the controls on that remote are a bit messed up with the Tablo commands.

Hopefully this is all gonna get sorted out when the ATV app comes out

I’ve had success playing a video from Amazon Prime Video using AirPlay on the ATV4 from my iPhone 6S+, and only once. I haven’t been able to do it again.

I really don’t want to perform a factory reset, but that may be my last resort.

Ok, you can check these out before;

I don’t think you can have your ATV on both wired and wireless, giving 2 ip adresses. I think it defaults to ethernet when it’s connected, you should probably still unplug your ethernet cable, go to your wifi settings and use “forget this network”.
You can also try to activate bluetooth on your devices as well.

Good luck!

I hardly ever see disconnects, never encountered one during slewing or skipping
But, I have everything hardwired, both ATV and Tablo, dunno if that’s helping me.

I do too, it seems to only happen when I play a recording from a channel that reception isn’t the greatest.

I guess the new ATV “tolerance” to bad segments might be lower than the previous version.


AirPlay on the Gen 4 Apple TV is working fine after a hard reset, but the Tablo app still does not work for live TV or recorded shows.

Vimeo, Amazon Prime Video, local videos all work.

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