AirPlay Streaming / iPad Second Screen

I am fine with AirPlay streaming from my iPad to an Apple TV, but it would be nice to be capable to browse features of the Tablo app on the iPad (guide listing, recording etc) while AirPlay streaming live TV or a recording from the Tablo app. Currently once you select the back arrow it kills the stream. I guess I’m an old-school viewer and still like to browse the guide listings while watching live tv.

I’m not sure what the technical terminology is, but several iOS games have this feature where the iPad is a “second screen” (like a racing game that shows the car cotrols on the iPad and the car racing on the tv).

The Amazon Fire TV does something like this with the Kindle Fire - it shows info about the video you’re watching. 

Ted, I agree.  Being able to navigate the menu’s in the app while still showing the current stream on the TV would be a big benefit.

i’m completely on board with this idea. the way i see it, once you have sent the stream to the tv, either via airplay or chromecast, the controlling device should act like a remote control until streaming to the tv is stopped by the same controlling device.

Agreed.  We’ll generally be using one or the others phone, so whoever isn’t streaming gets to browse for the next show.  


I have no idea how difficult it would be for Tablo to do though.

This is definitely possible! We do have a long list of features to add, but this one is on it. Priorities will determine how quickly it will be implemented. 

Thanks or addressing this request…I returned my 4 tuner Tablo several months ago after I first got it, went back to Windows 7/ Ceton Echo, and now these days the “good ole” Windows and the echo extender have failed me. So I’m coming back to Tablo!

I am really looking forward to this feature being added to the tablet apps. I think the “second screen” functionality is going to especially help non-geek/ tech users “get it”. 



Why did you return it? There haven’t been drastic changes in the past few months. But the dual tuner has been stable for me from day 1.

@ted We’re very happy to have you back!

Nothing major- just a learning curve for the wife. AirPlay didn’t work so well when I was giving her a demo ( of course right?), so she wasn’t impressed and asked what was wrong with Windows Media Center. Windows Media Center spoiled her - not to mention all the customization I added to MC too. I mentioned how Media Center is dee dueling away. And watching live tv on a tablet is not reliable with MC ( DVBlink is not worth it- too many crashed streams).

But she’s more into watching live TV on her iPad, so it’s either this or EyeTV (Mac OS). I think once I introduce her to Plex and Tablo, she’ll be pleased. EyeTV is ok, but Tablo has a much more elegant interface. Plus Tablo does not require a computer like EyeTV does.

Happy to be back…just waiting on that second screen feature :wink:

This looks like a great idea.  turns the iPad into a remote.