AirPlay Compression

When using iOS to AirPlay to my AppleTV, and I getting double compression?  I realize the Tablo already compresses the OTA signal from MPEG-2 (19.2 Mbps 1080i) to H.264 (10 Mbps 1080p), but will using AirPlay re-compress the H.264 stream to a lower bitrate?

Also, will Tablo ever support native MPEG-2 capture and/or H.265?  Unfortunately I’m a pixel peeper, and on my 55" TV I can see some artifacts and crushing blacks.  Not sure, but also seems the 240 Hz frame interpolation is jittery sometimes.

Also, does AirPlay hand-off the stream URL to the AppleTV, or does the stream still transmit through the iOS device?

As far as I can tell both Airplay and Chromecast stream at the same rate as the device you are streaming from.  So there is no extra compression.

The main reason (from what I have read) on why the Tablo doesn’t support MPEG-2 natively is that many of the playback devices don’t support it.  You can’t send a MPEG-2 stream to a Roku or tablet.   

Well with the “Roku 4K” rumored to be imminent, that would presumably support H.265.  Same with the rumored AppleTV update, whenever that launches.  I wonder if the current Tablo hardware could handle that transcoding (my guess is not…at least not real-time).

My understanding as there is no Apple TV app for Tablo that the streaming goes Tablo to router, router to iPad, iPad to router, router to Apple TV.

It unfortunately does not result in the Apple TV directly streaming from the Tablo.


The current Tablo is not capable of supporting H.265.

Some hardcore picture guys have had success turning off the motion blur settings on their TVs.