AirPlay Compatibility

Both iOS and iPadOS (Gen 4) need to be updated to properly display full-screen video on a tv when using AirPlay. This would be very helpful when using hotel/motel tvs that are AirPort capable.

Seeing that the 4th Gen Tablo doesn’t support remote connections, I don’t see why this feature would be a very high priority for Tablo Support. There are so many other features that just need to work properly, that I believe they are going to be kept busy for a very long time. I wouldn’t hold my breath for future features.

Ok. Scratch the hotel idea. But Gen4 Tablo owners who are using the iOS or iPadOS apps and have an Apple TV can’t even use AirPlay properly to watch Tablo stuff on their TV. They have to watch on the devices. I consider that a pretty major deficiency!
But sure can’t disagree that they have their plate full with getting other stuff working.