Airplay and Tablo = spinning ring of death and other questions and comments

I unplugged from my cable/dish TV almost 6 years ago and bought the dinosaur “DTVpal” well it finally cratered two weeks ago and would not function any longer. I really liked the DTVpal because it was fashioned like the Dish Satellite I previously owned. The jury is still out on the Tablo I just purchased, and I need some assistance regarding some questions and comments I posted below. Any help is greatly appreciated.

1st question: I bought my Tablo a week or so ago on Amazon and it arrived this week. I connected and have recorded some events, and I’m getting a great stream to my ipad or iphone. Unfortunately, when it comes to communicating ot the AppleTV, I’m getting the consistent circle spinning with no signal being broadcast. I do not think I did something wrong with connecting wirelessly because I’m receiving signal in all avenues. The problem is with Airplay and my TV. I don’t have problems airplaying other apps on my ipad or iphone.

1st comment: I’m hoping Tablo will be utilizing the upcoming App Store available with the new generation ATV by making a Tablo app for ATV. Tablo, can you tell us if this will become a reality?

2nd question: Will the Tablo app for iphone ever have an advance :30 second incorporated in the airplay? If it’s on ipad, why can’t it be used on iPhone?

3rd question and final question: Tablo, would it ever become possible to be able to playback a recorded show and buffering not become an issue when utilizing the 30 second skip? I’ve found that when I’m watching a show, the skip 30 seconds ahead button stops to buffer if I push it too many times for the machine to keep up.

It will ease my concerns if I know either Tablo or the community of Tablo can help me with my questions and/or comments. I would like to watch some NFL today on my big screen instead of the ipad at home :smile:

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Q1: Well, I’m not sure what your question is. Is the question, does it work for anyone? I just tried AirPlay from my iPad Air 2 (Giants @Cowboys 1080i) and had no problem with it (5GHZ av connection). I tried it for perhaps two minutes. (I have DirecTV.)

C1: Tablo has stated they will build an Apple TV app, but I wouldn’t bet on it being delivered in Oct 2016 (let alone Oct 2015 when the new App,e TV comes out). Also, when it does come out, I wouldn’t count on it being usable. (The Fire TV is a decently powerful box, but the Tablo app is VERY, VERY slow.

Q2: Don’t count on it. Even if you are told it is on the roadmap, don’t count on it.

Q3: See the answer to Q2.

If you browse the forum, you will see that even the Tablo fan boys will tell you that you shouldn’t count on a feature ever being delivered. (Fan boys, don’t make me quote you.)

As for the AirPlay problem, I think Tablo support should be able to help you get that working. I think some here are reporting that AirPlay drops after x amount of time (with the latest release). I’m not sure how widespread that problem is (or even if I’m remembering it correctly).

I use Airplay and TabloTV all the time with my iPad and it works very well. My Tablo is very responsive when I connect my wired LAN to both my ATV and Tablo.

My best tip is to pair a third party remote with your ATV. I use an old DirecTV RC64 remote as they are cheap on ebay and have a plethora of device remote codes. The advantage is that you can program the colored buttons to do 30 second forward / 20 second back and 3 minute forward / back. Now, the skips are almost instantaneous and the remote also controls the TV, AV receiver.

I actually gave up on AirPlay with Tablo.

Not really of any fault of Tablo really. Apple’s closed ecosystem in legacy Apple TVs is just awful. Actually, Tablo’s use of AirPlay is way better than a lot of other services out there. Just having to rely on a device like my iPad for watching TV sort of breaks my vision of a seamless in-home TV streaming setup.

Something I did and to consider for yourself would be a Roku. I was always dismissive of the platform. Roku? Pfffft…I’ve got my AppleTV, who needs em? The a la carte cable streaming platform Sling has a promo going on right now where they’ll give you a free Roku Stick if you prepay 3 months of service ($60). The way I saw was $50 for 3 months of cable and $10 for a Roku Stick.

Let me tell you, when I tried their Roku app, holy crap. Light years better than fiddling around with AirPlay!


Thanks for the Roku info. I’ve heard good things too. Bought a stick tonight but I’m experiencing a “loading” message quite often. Like its buffering. I looked in the forums and found info saying the stick doesn’t have quite the antenna to connect to my wifi signal. I think I’ll return it tomorrow and get the Roku 3 and try it. The app is WAY better than the ATV AirPlay option. Perhaps someday when the new ATV hits the market Tablo will get the 3rd party app for it.

Now I just need to advance 30 seconds with one click of a button thru the Roku. Anyone want to enlighten me on that question?

The remote for ATV intrigues me. I’ll check those out on eBay.

I can’t hard wire my Tablo because of the location of my antenna and Ethernet connections. The 60mbps would seem to be enough juice to push a good signal wirelessly don’t you think?

Yeah, the stick is a bit sluggish in general. Let me know how the 3 performs! I figured I would hold out with the stick at least until the holidays in hopes they launch anticipated Roku 4.

I noticed you posted on a similar topic on after doing a search of how to program my universal remote to control ATV.

I’m confused by your “drill down” in the ATV menu structure. I have several dish remotes so I’ll try those before buying the DirecTV RC64.

I returned the stick and I bought a Roku 2 this past weekend and I’ve ran into a snafu with Roku. I recorded this past weekend and during playback, while connecting through Roku, my Roku shutdown at least 20 times during the hour I attempted to watch. I became so frustrated I just turned off the Roku and watched on my iPad through Airplay(which btw streams nicely). I like the Roku’s ability to have that native app, but the freezing and rebooting thing is 100% a deal breaker.

I cannot hard wire the Roku or Tablo to my ISP, so I’m relegated to wireless only. Perhaps this inability to hard wire creates issues with the Roku, maybe not, but it probably creates problems within Airplay on my iPad and ATV.

I did read up in the community about Roku problems. It seems like I’m not alone in this. Do you experience problems as well?

I forget where the Remote settings are in the ATV but they are in there. Anytime I use Airplay for any video app, I’m using the remote. For example, I believe I have chapter skip button mapped to the blue button on the RC64 and this is usually equal to a 3 minute skip in the Tablo app. Very handy when I don’t feel like finding the IPad to move ahead in a program.