After update Galaxy Tab A will not connect

Running Android 7.1.1
Updated TabloTV to new version.
Tried to connect to via tablet, (on home network) getting error “A connection to your tablo could not be established…etc…”

I rebooted the Tablo device, tried again.
Removed the App and reinstalled it.

I have Roku TV, Roku Stick, Galaxy S8 phone, Fire10 Tablet, FireTV Stick, Apple TV. they all connect without issue.

Dumb founded…

Sorry to hear that.

Have you tried this troubleshooting step?

Yes, tried that.
As stated, I even deleted the app and reinstalled.

Still nothing.
BTW, I have confirmed that the device has internet connection.

I have Android 8.0 and Tablo connects fine using either Wi-Fi or T-Mobile LTE using Galaxy S9. I don’t think this is a beta Android version. @TabloTV this is the released version, correct?

It’s been several days… Tab A still won’t connect. ANY IDEAS?

Well if anyone cares, I had to reboot my router… Makes no sense, 7 devices connected without issue (including a different Galaxy Tab A). This one device needed the router rebooted. On to the next adventure

It happens.
Had to reboot my router to fix a networking issue with a couple other network devices not related to the Tablo recently.