After most recent network disconnect and reboot not working at all?

After the most recent time my TabloTV (4-tuner) disconnected, and I rebooted it, I’m getting an error “Failed to Load. Received an invalid response” when accessing the Guide and Scheduled sections on the AppleTV app. Hitting the “Try Again” button does bring up the listings, but without artwork? Then, after a while will display the same error?

At the same time, The LiveTV section has stopped displaying any guide data/shows to select to watch live? Big problem.

Rebooted the AppleTV and the TabloTV, still happening? Updated the guide data, twice, still happening?

Submitted a support request re: the continued disconnects and included the new info.

Steps taken to resolve the disconnects -

  1. Rebooted both TabloTV and AppleTV

  2. Set the TabloTV MAC address to have a reserved IP on router. (Question - is the MAC address on the box the Ethernet or Wifi MAC address? there should be two?)

  3. Replaced the Cat6 cable cable with another new one.

  4. Placed TabloTV on side to improve cooling

What’s odd is that up until now, besides the disconnects, the TabloTV was working great, at least for the one station I really wanted to see live (Local NBC for NASCAR)… Now, since the last disconnect, it’s not working at all.