After latest 0.9.193, Safari on iPhone keeps crashing 8 seconds into stream

Trying to use my iPhone (iOS 7.1.2) to watch a recorded show and Safari keeps crashing on me… Didn’t before, Tried 5 different times with different shows.  About 8 seconds it the stream…poof.

Live stream is working however.

I just tested it on my wife’s iphone 5S, and it had no problems playing back live tv or recordings.  However, it is not on 7.1.2 yet.

Mine is an iPhone 5 so it’s not that dated.  The changes in 7.1.2 should have nothing to do with this…  since the changes in the new webapp have changed the behaviour, I don’t think it’s my iPhone.

@ltldevl that is strange – once the video player launches, you’re in iOS’s hands in their native player and the web-app goes dormant (and we don’t have a choice in this matter). Which iPhone model are you using? 

@ltldevl we managed to reproduce it – happened on iPhone and iPad for remote playback only. Turned out to be related to VideoJS – the simple fact of initializing it caused this symptom. Since iOS natively supports HLS via the HTML5 video tag, we ignore VideoJS for iOS.

Let me know if it still causes you issues