Advanced Recording Features - Time Manipulation?

I have the Tablo HDMI unit. I cannot find a “fix” for my issue - the Tablo capability may not exist. I like to avoid the “start early” feature (or end late) as it can often create timer conflicts such as more scheduled programs than available tuners. I am wanting to record ALL episodes of the “Big Bang Theory”: It airs on one of my channels as two episodes daily starting at a firm “straight up” time of 9:00:00 PM. On a different channel, the other daily episode airs “early” at 7:28:30 PM though that time is not firm. Under options I know I can allow ALL channels which air BBT or select a specific one and select an early/late time, but this applies to ALL airings. I cannot find a way to workaround this without having ALL airings start 2 minutes early which I wish to avoid. I have tried several possible manipulations such as creating the scheduled recordings via the TV SHOWS menu (sitcoms and channels), and via each channel’s program listing in the grid guide. If I could only create TWO separate “Big Bang Theory” schedules. Thoughts or can this simply cannot be done?

Is there a manual recording option available (not sure if the HDMI box has this, like networked Tablos)? If yes, you could use that to setup to record the other channel.

It’s funny but just one second after I submitted my post, “manual recording” hit my brain. I have done that. Thank you.


I have used the “add 5 minutes to the end” for many programs on a certain network that likes to start the next program before the previous one ends. They kinda combine both episodes for a few seconds on the same screen. Very annoying. Instead of making all episodes end late I would allow Tablo to schedule them then review each (scheduled) episode and only add the extra 5 minutes to the ones that needed it. You should be able to do this on a per episode basis. Unless the HDMI unit works differently than the network version.