Advanced Channel Scan options

In addition to the current form of channel scan, please add additional “Advanced Opinions”.

  1. Add scan/update streaming channels only option.

  2. Add option to scan for channels WITHOUT removing already added channels.

  3. Add ability to scan a specific range of channels. Advanced users that understand RF channel vs Virtual channel, could enter RF channel to scan.

  4. Add ability to manually add a channel by RF frequency.

To cut down on support calls, these options could be on an “Advanced Opinions” screen with a warning that the support center will not assist with advanced settings.

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This would definitely help with users that rely on iffy stations that only come in at certain times of the day.

While setting up my new Gen 4, 4 tuner, channel scan managed to pull in channel 9 from Windsor Canada, from its tower 46 miles away, but did not find 11 from Toledo, a tower 8 miles away. Of course on a rescan it found 11 and not 9. :roll_eyes:

LOL. Sorry… That sucks.

I don’t have this issue, but I’ve got a channel that’s nearby, comes in with the weakest antenna, but I never know if it’s going to be online, have subchannels, or if it’ll be the same actual station. Each time I run a scan, surprises await! (It’s likely why Tablo & what’s now BUZZR can’t get it together and give me a guide.) But it would be great to be able to keep it stored so I don’t have to schedule a time with my Tablo to do a channel scan.