Adjustable post show buffer time

I know this has been requested before, but I’m doing it again.

Almost every week during football season my Sunday recordings are messed up because of the network’s inability to schedule enough time for the football games. If you know that 90% of the time the game is going to run 15-30 minutes over the allotted time, add 30 minutes to your broadcast schedule.

Anyway since broadcasters are unlikely to ever do that, it would be very nice if I could just set the Sunday recordings to capture an extra 30 minutes.

Even nicer would be a feature where if the Tablo sees a football game or other sporting event sometime before your schedule recording it would add the extra 30 minutes just in case. You could call the feature “Auto Overtime Protection”.

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If it’s a live broadcast, on the Tablo’s settings page, there’s a section labeled smart scheduling.
Enabling Extend Live Recordings will extend the recording time 50% past the scheduled live event end time.

I realize 50% of a multi-hour broadcast event typically wastes a bunch of hard drive recording space, but it does work.

Wouldn’t help in my case. It is the regular Sunday shows like the Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, 60 Minutes, and Madam Secretary that get cut off due to sports overtimes. Even if this setting did apply to them it would only add 15 minutes to a 30 minute show. Football regularly goes 20 minutes or more overtime.

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I got tired trying to outguess the Sunday night schedule.

I just schedule a repeating Manual recording for the whole Sunday evening for CBS.


That’s a Kludge.

@TabloTV should put this on the top of their list. EVERY DVR I have ever used implements this feature.

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