Additional Hard Drive on Tablo Dual

I added a new 1T HD to my Tablo Dual. It formatted with no problems and then appeared as my only HD. As soon as a new program was recorded, it now only shows the internal HD and does not show the new HD at all. Is this normal? Is there a way to check both HD’s to see the space available on them or does it only display the space used/available on the active HD?

Relevant portion:

If/when you attach an external storage device, you will still be able to play and delete recordings on the internal storage. All new recordings will be sent to the newer, external storage you have attached.

I appreciate the information, which is very helpful. When you view the HD on the Tablo it shows the used/available space on the storage device, but only on one device. If there are two devices attached, is there a way to view the available space on both devices? Does the display default to the device which is active?

@t.gallaway Good question(s). Once you attach an external drive, all new recordings are stored on it. Only one drive is displayed at a time - and since the external disk is the default destination for new recordings, that’s what gets displayed.

This implies that since only the new drive and new recordings will be displayed, all the stored recordings on the Internal drive is “lost”? Since no-one can access material that is not displayed.

Refer to the earlier link:

Existing recordings are not lost.