Adding Channel Favorites for Faster Loading

I use a 4 tuner Tablo. I would like to see the ability to add 4 favorite channels in a preferred order in the setup options. Then the Tablo would record/buffer ~15-30 seconds of those channels continuously. This way, when I go to that specific channel, I do not have to wait the ~12-15 seconds for it to load (buffer) the channel. Then, if a person chooses to watch a non-favorite show, it would stop buffering the least favorite channel first and start buffering the newly selected channel.

Interesting idea - But basically running all 4 tuners 24 hours a day? Sounds like a hardware failure waiting to happen.

An option would be to start the recording/buffering when you access the Tablo via the app. Then put a timer on it after the app closes to stop the buffering.

Another option is to have a toggle to turn off the buffering until you sit at a channel for X number of seconds …or just not start the recording until you flip to that station.

I find it annoying that I cannot flip between several channels quickly, especially if I first access the Tablo. My cable company DVR never worked like the Tablo does with buffering each channel before you can watch it.

That is because your cable company DVR did not convert the video from MPEG2 to h.264 video. The conversion process takes time.

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I could be wrong but I believe it is the transcoding that causes the delay more than anything else. And it is the transcoding that allows Tablo to work with streaming devices & more easily sent over wifi, and this is what sets Tablo apart.

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I always thought that tablo used the HLS file format for passing the video stream to the video players in the various media players that it supports. And if so tablo is running in a file based mode and not a real time mode.

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