Adding a show to Tablo hd so I can view on Tablo?!?!?!?

I looked around and nothing was obvious but is this even possible?
Can I take a show or movie and add it to the hd and then see it on the Tablo?
This may put the Tablo in the same arena as say a Kodi or Plex but thinking if this is possible.

As a side not, this would also beg the question of the use of a NAS drive to store Tablo files directly, thus saving the need to have a external drive connected and can use my network for recording. Has that been explored? It may be similar to cloud storage…not not on the “real cloud”. :slight_smile:

Any info would be nice to have. Really curious if people out there see a use case for these options.

You cannot put media on the Tablo HDD for playback on other devices, it is not a media server, it is a DVR.

As for NAS storage, it has been requested many times, Tablo has stayed away from it due to many latencies with NAS storage, etc.

So for now it will only use the External USB HDD. Tablo will be introducting a Cloud DVR in the future, see below:

What I do with videos is either store them on my NAS or a USB flash drive, and play them on my TV via either my Roku or Nexus player. Of course, the videos need to be in the appropriate format for playback.

There is actually a ton of reasons. You would think that Tablo’s idea was good, until you get to that person who asks

“I found this device in my back alley, actually one of my cats buried it in their litter box. I looked it up and it’s a Whack-a-doodle 9000, with the OhMyGoodness ARM chip that was developed by that 12 year old Indonesian genius currently in seclusion somewhere in Alaska. It runs a secret version of Android called Sugardaddy. Can I get a Tablo app for this? My Lexus needs a new cup holder, so I really can’t afford a Roku, Fire TV, etc.”

(lots of fun)


I agree with all the variances that exist but here is the killer.

It should not be up to Tablo to give you hardware… Just make the option possible. Is it is possible, people will try to find a way and maybe just a export button on a separate advanced GUI could be enough to get recordings off, maybe a standard transcoder that works in the background.

As for adding files. If they will be in a standard format like mkv or Avi… Whatever…A import button that would browse the network you are on for a drive and then would just place it in the HD. Then I’d it displays on the tablo GUI as a separate files added folder, that may be all. We click, it plays.

I don’t think it is far fetched… People allot smarter than me can do this.

The conversion is the kicker there. It may take forever…

There are already multiple tools available to Tablo users to export recordings from the Tablo. No need to add anything to Tablo at all.

This changes Tablo from a network accessible OTA DVR to a generalized media server. There’s already many tools out there that can do that better than the Tablo ever could. So why bother?

I would love to see this, too, but have come to the conclusion that with the slow development cycle, it’s best to just consider Tablo to be a recording device, and to use a separate Media Server as a playback device. It’s sad, because Tablo is ALMOST a media server, but I don’t have much hope that it’ll ever bridge the gap.

I like this idea but not possible for this current device… I think It would slow down the system badly… I prefer Tablo to stay the way it is as simple as it can be and just add a must needed features that’s useful in a DVR sense…

There is no reason to develop this, if you have a device that runs the tablo app then you already have a device that can run a media player app that can pull from network drives, usb drives, or cloud drives.

Almost :frowning:

Wow, missed all those planned releases. Thanks for pointing out that page. Tablo LIVE ‘Antenna Anywhere’ Stick is especially exciting too.

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