Add via Wifi Fails (Web app)

I left home for a few days and came home to a disconnected Tablo, and now cannot get it re-connected to my network. Previously, this Tablo (2-tuner model) was working fine wirelessly for over a year. I’ve power-cycled all network components multiple times, reset the Tablo, nothing helps. I use the web app exclusively on a laptop running Windows 10.

The Tablo connects to my network just fine when hardwired to the router as a test. But I must have the Tablo work wirelessly (I get no reception unless my Tablo/antenna is upstairs, and my router is downstairs near only internet jack in my house).

When I get to the “Add via Wifi” screen, I am able to connect to the Tablo_XXXX network. But this is where the process breaks – the web app at this point is supposed to advance to a new screen showing available wifi networks and let me enter my wifi password. I never see this screen – the app is frozen on the “Add via Wifi” screen.

Tablo support has logged into the box and tells me that there is no hardware issue. They pushed down the latest firmware, and also gave me a new URL for a beta version of the Web app. Nothing has helped. Tablo support, despite working on this with me for several days (thanks), indicates they are out of ideas.

I’m posting here as a last ditch attempt at solving this, hoping somebody else has experienced these symptoms and found a fix.

Thanks in advance.
Jay R.

Open a Support Ticket directly with Tablo. They will help you directly.

I have been working with them all week. They have been very responsive/helpful, but so far haven’t figured out what is wrong.

Make sure you do not have a network cable plugged into your Tablo when setting it up for Wifi.
I ran into this myself. :frowning:

@jayriddle I hope we figured this one out for you! Have you seen any progress on your end?

Patient David in support has agreed to ship me a new Tablo box to test. If the Web app behaves the same with new Tablo box, I have to assume there is some unique problem with my home network (though all my other wireless devices work fine).

f the problem is resolved with the new Tablo box when it arrives, then I will assume that something went wrong with my original Tablo.

If I get to the bottom of it, I will post what I learn here.