Add the day/date to the top of the guide when scrolling on Tablo for FireTV

Please add the day/date on the top of the guide as you scroll across the 2 week period. This applies to the Tablo FireTV app. The day/date shows fine as you scroll across the guide on the iOS Tablo app.


Can you send us a picture of what you’re seeing?

This already exists in the 4th generation Tablo app so we’re a bit confused.

Initial view (today) …

“Jump to future day view via menu” …

Scroll to the right through the times and days …

The day/date disappears when scrolling right through the guide. Can’t tell where you are when navigating this way through the guide.

This is specifically on the Tablo FireTV app. The day/date is fine when scrolling right the Tablo iOS app.

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It would also be nice to display the current time somewhere, maybe upper left of the guide grid. I can always glance at my phone or watch, but when looking at what is currently on up and down the grid, it’s nice to also be able to see the current time.

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Aha! Thanks for the details & pictures.

You are indeed correct and we’ll get this bug filed to be fixed.

Already fixed. Wow, that was quick.

We aren’t quite that good… :slight_smile:

It seems to only happen when you select a date in the future first before scrolling which is likely why it was missed during QA.

Too funny. I told my wife I was impressed how fast you fixed it, after she demonstrated to me it “worked fine” for her. At least it is on your work list. I do appreciate you guys chasing this stuff down. I could never get the folks in the Amazon palace to address anything on the Recast. Their ultimate customer support solution was to can the product!