Add drive OR transfer to bigger on

Most of what I saw in the forum was old. I made a mistake and bought another drive erroneously thinking Tablo supported two. My question is, any chance of seeing two drives supported in 2016? If not, how to migrate from a smaller to a larger drive. When I got Tablo the largest supported was 1 TB. Not enough. So either need support for two OR a way to migrate. Just read no from Feb 4th 2016. OK, well, what about your customers that don’t want to lose our recordings and are running out of space. Or if we go from a 2 antenna to 4 (which I am considering doing). Again, just because upgrade Tablos doesn’t mean I want to lose all my recordings.

I also followed this instruction to migrate my recordings from a defective hard drive to a new one. It’s pretty straight forward and all you need is patience to wait for the copying of data to the new drive. I had ~2TB data and it took 20+ hours to copy over.

I also followed and it almost finished except Windows ended the copy. DO NOT have anything running except the copy. I missed some Adam 12 but everything else copied ok. I just let it be - didn’t try again.

I recommend using Teracopy for large file transfers/copying. It has error checking and checksum verification.
I know for sure it works on window 10.