Ad Volume Too Loud

I am a new Tablo customer. My brother also has an antenna connected directly to his TV. Both of us have noticed over-the-air ads are louder than than the programming. Any ideas for us to limit the audio volume or somthing? Thanks.

Which Tablo? Network model or HDMI model? If network model, what device are you using to access the Tablo.

And are you saying you are comparing the same signal directly attached to the TV and to the Tablo (implying a splitter potentially?) and only the Tablo has the ads louder?

There are 2 locations about 1 mile apart. There are no spliters involved.
One the antenna is connected directly to the TV coax input port (Location 1). The other location has an antenna attached to a tablo dual lite dvr. There is a wifi connection to a router which is hardwired to a smart tv (Location 2). Both users report that the commercials are louder than the programming. I notice myself at location 2 sometimes they are extreemly load and sometimes they are fine.

Commercials louder than programming is a known phenomenon in TV programming. Nothing special about the Tablo installs.

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If you have a Roku, you can try this Roku

This feature will not work on the Roku if you have surround sound enabled on your Tablo.