Actual schedule of "Scheduled" tab

When I click on Scheduled, I’d expect to see a schedule of recordings - but that’s me. At least a sort order as to where shows fall in the schedule.

Despite heaving (paid for) a 14-day schedule, I can only see 24hr at a time. I have to click shows individually to see when (or if) they are in the schedule. Or verify via another source altogether.


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What app are you using?

Web-based App

A mix between Chrome and Firefox. The scheduled tabs just shows the pictures of all the shows that are in the schedule.

Give the Roku app a try if you have a Roku

The live TV grid does show just 24 hours at a time, but everything else on the Tablo is 14 days (with a paid subscription).

The Scheduled tab shows what series/events are set to record, and drilling down inside each show/event displays what episodes will be recorded in the next 14 days (if any). That is universal among all the apps. However, apps like the Roku do have an “Upcoming” selection that is more what you are looking for.

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Yes, I do understand that. It’s the “drilling down” I would like to bypass. My suggestion was for more of a listing of dates and time of shows at-a-glance. For me, I would like to see and actual schedule. Even a sort order, A-Z or Scheduled option might help.

There is a list of upcoming scheduled recordings that is chronologically sorted on the Roku app, see the Coming Soon screenshot in the thread below.

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Thanks, even that (sorting) for the guide would be an improvement, from my perspective. Still, if there is a 14-day guide, I’d like to see, minimal, a listing of my shows schedule.

I realized it’s kind of a one-size-fits-all and not everything is going to suit everyone just perfect - just my request/suggestion.

As for the Recording - I do like there’s an added Failed tab! So I can know before I’m ready to watch a show… and it’s not viewable.

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Hopefully they will add the upcoming schedule option available on the Roku to the rest of the apps. I think Roku gets the most love from the devs because it’s the most popular viewing option.