Active Subscription Will Not Refresh

I have an active subscription that Has been functioning fine since December. Early in February my subscription stopped working. Using the iPad app, I tried to refresh the subscription. This was unsuccessful. Then I confirmed that my subscription is active. It is. Tried deleting the Tablo and re-entering the serial number. Again, the subscription shows that it is active, but the subscription does not show up in the app even after refreshing. Went through several restarts with both the blue button and unplugging and re-plugging. Still no effect.

Verify your serial number. I had the same problem and it turned out that I had gotten the serial number wrong (but valid).

Serial number was deleted and re entered twice. Confirmed the number on the device and the box was the same.

@Woodside Can you send me a note from the email address you’ve got registered on the portal? We’ll get this fixed.

I have this same issue now, what is the resolution