Accusing Tablo when offline?

My internet connection at home is down, today, so I’d not expect to be able to stream Netflix through my Roku device.

My Tablo, though, is on my local network, so I’d expect it to work.

It doesn’t. When I try to run the Tablo app on my Roku, I get “not connected to the internet” errors.

I’ve talked to people who’ve used their Roku to access local Plex servers without an issue, so it looks like this is something the Tablo app is doing.

I’d not call this a high-priority use case, but should it be possible to stream from the Tablo without having an internet connection?

I’d think so.

Hey @Jeff_Dege -

The ‘Not connected to internet’ sounds like a message from your Roku vs. the Tablo app.

The Tablo Roku channel does have a local network fallback discovery mechanism so it should still be possible to reach your Tablo, even if your external internet is down for the count.

What Roku are you seeing this on?

The error I was seeing was a warning. After I ignored it, I was able to access my Tablo without issue.

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