Accessing the Guide on my Tablo Dual HDMI

What button on the Tablo remote control do I use to access the Guide? Record shows? I have pressed every button on the remote, none of them bring up my Guide. I know it’s there because it loaded and I chose a channel to watch using it. Now, I can’t get back to it (Guide).

So, what you’re saying is that the remote doesn’t access the DVR functions? I can’t even access the full Guide with it? All I can do is look at the quick channel select? Even if I could somehow access the Guide to record something, I wouldn’t be able to access the DVR to play it?! There is no button in that tutorial that says anything about “Guide” or “DVR”.
I think I’m boxing this crap up and sending it back.

If you chose a channel to watch you were likely in the Live TV section. There isn’t a guide button, but the Live TV section of the UI should take you to what you were likely using earlier.

I didn’t really say any of that… just pass on resources. There’s also Quick Start and entire manual.

You said you were there before - the back button, I’ve never tried it either.

You might want to call tech support.

Thanks for your response but I figured out that the remote for my smart tv is more intuitive and performs all the necessary functions. I’m just chunking the Tablo remote in the corner and not bothering with it any longer.

For future reference, if you’re checking out playback, using the back button will bring you back to either the main Live TV or recordings screen. Using the back button again will reveal the remaining menu options which you can navigate using the directional pad.