Accessing Tablo remotely and storing videos

First credit must be given to AndyW and the posters in his original post at

Additional credit to cjcox and his post that can be found at

I came up with a process that works well for me using information from both of these users as well as information from the threads. I added a step that makes it easier and wanted to share my process with the community. The following is a compilation of their work with a very small addition of my own.

1. Get the show info–information from cjcox-

"If you look at: http://your-tablo-ip:18080/plex/rec_ids ; you will get the ids of the recorded shows on your TabloTV.
Let’s say you have a recording 18425
If you then go to:
You can browse the data including the pvr dir where the ts files are stored (there’s a meta.txt file too where you can pull the episode data, etc…)"

2. This is my step. AndyW’s use of extfs was a great idea but my tablo and hdd are in hard area to access in the basement. I decided to use a firefox plugin to grab all the linked files. 

Once you navigate to the folder using cjcox’s information in step one you will see a listing of all the files. My directory listing looks like this
The files are named
00001.ts 2014-Oct-13 08:34:57 2.2M video/MP2T
and continue on to the last file 
00602.ts 2014-Oct-13 10:15:05 43.5K video/MP2T 

With the Firefox extension added you right click and select the “DownThemALL” option. Select all the files and then deselect the top file. The description will say “Parent Directory.” All the other file descriptions will have a description of the file name eg 00001.ts.

Choose a directory (your download folder is default) and download all the files. I made a folder called Tablodownload for mine. The files are small and on my local network I was able to download all 600+ files in about two minutes. For reference, my tablo is using an ethernet connection.

3. Using AndyW’s suggestion of Tssplitter is highly recommended. Open Tssplitter, click file, then open for joining. Choose your directory, ctrl-a to select all, add, and then join.

Tssplitter is very fast and combined all 600+ files in less than a minute creating a seamless file. I dropped the file into my plex media server and voila!! 

There are still commercials that need to be removed. In the past I have used an automated tool for this but the name escapes me. I know it is possible to do it with other tools and perhaps somebody can help me out by sending me information or posting it here. 

Again, the credit goes to the postings and users above. I would never have started the process without their insight on the possibility of accessing the Tablo and accessing the files.

I hope the guide helps. 

VideoRedo was the program I used for removing commercials. The downside is it is not a freeware program. Avidemux is another option. If somebody has a good option similar to the functionality of VideoRedo please let me know.

Also, searching for shows can be a hassle with only the number. 

If you go to http://yourTabloipaddress:18080/pvr/ it will give a hyperlink listing of all your recordings. In the file click on the meta.txt file. It is a little cryptic but you in the top of the file it will give a brief synopsis of the show.

an example from one of mine is below

"episodeNum":33,"episodeTitle":"False Accusation","genres":["Western","Adventure"],"longDescription":"A bank robber poses as the Lone Ranger." ,"origAirDate":"1955-04-28","rootId":"1143410","seasonNum":4,

Is there a tssplitter alternative for Macs?

Not tested on Mac, but I did test my python script on Windows… I’m thinking it would work find on Mac, just haven’t tried it yet.  You need python and ffmpeg installed on your Mac.  My program is at (and it may be changing in the coming days/weeks):

Now… it’s designed to go through ffmpeg… but if you set the --tempfile option, the concatentated set of ts files will go to it.  I just figured most people would want a h264/aac mp4.

Program requires that you know the Tablo rec_id (I have another tool coming that will help with that mystery)… but if you’re already looking through the pvr directory, you may already know your rec_id of your recording.

@cjcox the file is not editable in VideoRedo and I would like to remove the commercials. Handbrake or Avidemux are options to convert the file to an mpeg but it is a slow process.

How quickly does the python script run? I am not as familiar with running scripts as I would like to be and have not played around with it yet.

Thanks for your work

I was answering the tssplitter question,not the commerical remove issue… sorry about that.

Download (it’s text), rename file to and edit so that you can adjust the FFMPEG variable to the location of whereever ffmpeg installed itself.



By default it will show you the options it needs.