Accessing Tablo recordings via Playstation 4 Web browser

(I have seen a topic about Tablo on the PS3/PS4 browser, but it quickly steered to Plex. Right now, I would rather not pay for a Plex Pass just for the PS4. Emby is also an attractive option for other devices.)

My PS4 sees the Tablo on the PS4 Web browser, but just says “Connecting”. The PS4 is networked through power-line. Would I have better luck with a hardwired Ethernet connection? Or maybe it’s not just connecting, but also syncing? I was in a hurry when I tried it earlier.

It seems I could also connect to the Tablo wi-fi, but it’s a bit too much work on the PS4 to switch network connections.

If anyone’s had success using their Tablo on the PS3 or PS4 without Plex, I’d be interested to know before making holes and bringing a cable over to my PS4 :dizzy_face:

Just to clarify, I’m only interested in watching recordings on the PS4, not live TV.


Plex is well worth the Plex Pass if you are using it on multiple devices. I’m using it on Roku, iPhone, iPad, Fire TV box. They have a great server.

Only interested in Tablo through PS4 browser at the moment

What is this PS4 browser anyway? Is it native to the PS4?

What OS does the PS4 run for such things?

@Consolarificus - That browser may not have the right plugins we need to make Tablo work properly.

According to Wikipedia

The PS4 includes a WebKit based web browser, which is a departure from the PS3 which uses the NetFront browser. The PS4 browser is based on the same modern Webkit core as Google Chrome and Apple Safari, giving it a high score in HTML5 compliance testing, putting it atop of all the consoles.

I’ll run some more tests later; I was just wondering if anyone had had success with the Tablo using the PS4 browser, even without live TV.

I have a PS3 and get a “The page cannot be displayed. (80710101)” error. I’d be curious if you do have better luck with the PS4.

I can see the Tablo on the PS4 browser (at, but it just keeps on connecting. I plan on eventually hard wiring my PS4 to my router, so I will see if that changes anything.

I did actually end up getting a Plex Pass for other reasons. I was curious to try the Plex Tablo channel on PS4, but most of my recordings fail to load (playback error).

Tablo would likely run much better via the browser than Plex on PS3/PS4 if this was supported…

Decided to spend the $5 on the Plex Pass and was able to get a recorded show working. Not sure if it the right solution as I need to run my Imac as the media server. It would be nice if the Playstation supported a Tablo channel directly.

I have the PS3, so I guess a web based version of the TabloTV would be less useful for me as the older technology is less likely to be supported.

Understanding the PS4 is not supported as a Tablo playback device, wondering if anyone has had success with the Tablo using the PS4 browser, even without live TV?

We are looking at adding a PS4 to a TV we currently don’t stream to and don’t want to get another Roku just to stream Tablo.


In case anyone interested stumbles upon this thread, I just tested again on my PS4’s browser and I still have the same issue (the Tablo is detected, but then it tries to connect, without success).

Does PS support sockets or ports?

It has USB3 ports if that is what you mean

Not sure if its the last PS4 firmware update or changes to the, but recordings play fine via the PS4 browser. Not the best interface, but it works.