Access to HD information

Having recently had to have my HD reformatted by Support due to disk errors, I would like to toss a couple feature requests.

  1. Access to HD log data like the S.M.A.R.T. report or other basic diagnostics related to the HD. I know many users would never look at it, but for the gear-heads, it would be nice to be able to see just how bad things are getting, to know if we need to replace or just reformat or possibly have an fsck run by Support…?

  2. For extra credit, set up an option for the end user to do the format / fsck through the menu. I would prefer that the options be controlled by Tablo, but allow me the option to go in and push the big red button when it is convenient for me, vs when I can get coordinated via Remote Mode with Tablo Support…

Just some thoughts…


You are not wrong here. The hard on Tablo is a single point of failure. There are no recovery, backup or replacement procedures out there.

@TabloTV - I know the old thing about swamps and crocodiles apply, but eventually you’ll have amassed a lot of customers with stuff on their hard drives that the have to replace and there is no way around. The stuff discussed in other threads (SurlaTablo, Tablo ripper) are too complex for 80% (I’m being generous) of the Tablo user base.

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