Access my tablo quad outside the home

I am not that smart on the router, but will try to explain what I know. I have the netgear N750 WNDR4300 V2. I have followed instruction for port forwarding but still can not get it to work I also notice each time I connect to the tablo wiht my iphone and hit the retest the public port numbers change. I need some help is anyone has this router.
Thank you

I have the router but I don’t use remote connect. I use the WNDR4300 set in access mode. In access mode all port mapping settings, DHCP server, etc. can only be done on the ISP router.

But if you are using port settings on the actual WNDR4300 you are using the router in bridge mode. Could the ISP router be causing the problem.

You mean you are using the WNDR4300 router in router mode? Not bridge mode?

You are using terminology from your router not necessarily the WNDR4300.

When this router is first configured as a router behind a router(ISP router) the default setting is as an access point.

You have the option to use the router with full functionality IF your ISP router can be set in bridge mode. When an ISP router is in bridge mode it usually works like a dumb modem. Most functionality resides in the user router (WNDR4300).

Some ISP routers, like mine, can’t be set in full modem(bridge) mode.

Thank everyone but i think i figure things out. Or at least one reason is that my router is connect to another router I do not have access too. we have an inlaw suite added to the house and tied on too the internet already in the main house. just added another router and different zone and name so not sure it will work . however my Dish anywhere worked but I would assume they have programing in the hopper to setup the routers.

No need for anyone else to reply. Sorry i did not think about this before i posted.