Access Gen4 from Mexico

I’ve been a Gen 1, Gen 2 tablo user for almost 10 years. I take my Nvidia Shield and a couple of FireTVs to Mexico over the summer to watch US TV. In all cases these need to be synchronized in my home in the US and then taken to Mexico for this to work.
I have a couple of questions about Gen 4.

How does remote login work in Gen 4? Can you do it (sync or login/password)? I read somewhere this was in development.

Will it work from Mexico? I don’t want to watch the extra Tablo added channels, I’m just concerned about the networks that my antenna picks up at my home in DFW.

Thank you for the input.

The 4th gen today does not provide for “remote use”. But, as others have mentioned, if you’re comfortable building you own, like using a VPN, then you could always try to make it work that way.

And I realize that “the world” must always have ultra fast Internet access, but MPEG2, native ATSC 1.0 format, does require more bandwidth than good ole streaming style codecs. Perhaps such a statement is now “dated” (we don’t care anymore).

No remote for 4,th gen for now. @Tabloceo said it is coming but no eta