AC to DC Transformer Specs

Hi, I do not actually have the TabloTV yet but I’m all wired for it.

The model we want is the 4 tuner Network DVR.

Looking at pictures of it, the DC transformer won’t play nice with the power bar - it looks like the transformer is the kind for wall jacks where the transformer sticks out sideways, but on the power bar that would cover other outlets that are needed.

Does anyone know the DC voltage, DC amperage, polarity (I assume positive center), and the barrel size so that I can order a compatible transformer that has the correct geometry for the power bar I have?

The Tablo model we want is currently out of stock (I’m guessing football season) but I could at least get a compatible transformer while we wait.

Thank you.

I suggest you buy a short extension cord instead. Something like this should do the trick:

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Oh I know about those. They are unsightly and contribute to the “rats nest” look.

Transformers are cheap, I’d rather just buy the right one, but I need to know the barrel (e.g. 2.1mm x 5.5mm), voltage, and amperage specs.

I assume there may also be some form of riser or hard extension that would simply lift up above nearby outlets. Even an old-fashioned grounded-to-non-grounded adapter could be high enough.

The following is from a post back in 2017:

DC Power 12V 5.5mm x 2.5mm Barrel Male Plug Connector

The power supply that comes with the Tablo unit is rated at 2 Amps and has a positive center connector.

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I just want the voltage, amperage, polarity (presumably positive center), and barrel specs.

I’m not looking for alternatives to use the provided transformer.

Thank you! (@3rdRockOKC)

Obviously I’ll double-check the specs and barrel when we get the TabloTV DVR but that looks like exactly what I’ll need.

I use the [unsightly] 6" extensions and have “power squid” type power strips

Yes, sometimes it’s function over fashion. :neutral_face:

What I have is shelves up near the ceiling with various coax and network jacks and a single 120VAC (well, two sockets) outlet for the UPS up there.

There is a power bar with switches for each component on the shelves so I can cut power to a component when I need to. That’s what constrains the geometry of the transformers.

I could (and if fact used to) use those short extension cords but it looks really unsightly and since it’s all on a shelf up high, anyone walking into the room instantly looks up at it, including me.

So it’s right out there in view which is why I care. Now the UPS for my entertainment center, yeah it’s a big rats nest and included those short extension cords but it’s not visible so don’t really care, but this location, everything is really visible and elevated on the wall (but no wires running down the wall, only through the wall via mud-ring junction boxes and jacks)

Hang a curtain (top-shelf-height or floor-height, your choice) in front of the shelves, perhaps? I did that in a guest bedroom that has utility shelves along one wall.

That actually could work well, hanging from the top shelves, and I might do it as the outlet bar will become crowded.

Right side, the bug zapper is only needed during summer - that’s the UPS and is also where I have the transformers for amplifiers (ATSC, Radio)

Left side - top shelf is switches (router in different room), middle shelf is for coaxial services that interface with LAN (the MoCA adapters currently aren’t plugged in as not currently needed but could use two outlets if both used - one is uplink for ATSC and other for CaTV coaxial networks) and that’s where the 4 Tuner Tablo will go, with external HD, both needing a power source.

The power bar has 8 outlets with individual switches and potentially seven could be used, so transformers that cover an adjacent outlet just aren’t wanted.

But yes, hanging some fabric from top shelves is I think a good idea.

To be blunt, you’re past unsightly. You have a wire closet in the open hanging above your TV. It would be really super awesome if it were some place out of sight. Nice and organized :wink:

Ok, I get it, you’re working with what you have. Maybe a cabinet with doors.

Get a wood shelf or even white cardboard and put it on the shelf, then the stuff on top. It won’t be so visible.

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It’s wire to allow for better air flow. Wood (especially a cabinet) doesn’t make for good airflow. With rising summer temperatures and a combination of brown-outs and PG&E asking us to reduce AC use to reduce brown-outs, I think open to air-flow is better than to put it inside some kind of cabinet, especially wood.

I’m not saying use a cabinet. Just use something solid in place of the wire, or on top of the wire. There would still be good airflow.

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Putting wood (or metal) shelves under them though cuts the surface area exposed to open air by about 40% (guestimate, I didn’t do the math). And for the two switches on the top shelf, it would interfere with the routing of the patch cables.

The bottom left shelf could be solid metal like bottom right is, but it is screen to allow better cooling of transformers sitting on it.