Abroad connection issues

I am having connecting issues and hope somebody here can help me.

Im currently in Germany and am trying to connect to my Tablo at home in the US. When I start the Tablo App on my android devices (Phone and Tablet) my Tablo pulls up, showing my TV guide, all recordings etc, just like I’m at home. But once I click to watch anything it says it is still connecting. A connecting messages in the top left corner keeps spinning constantly, until I get the message “A connection to your Tablo could not be established”. How is it possible to see my guide and recordings listed on the Tablo and still not be connected? Is there a way to fix this while abroad?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

The Tablo app lets you see what you have stored locally on your phone / tablet while it tries to connect in the background.

If it’s not connecting, it could be multiple things. Did remote viewing work outside of your house in your home country?

@BhaltairX The Tablo app will show you some cached information (as noted above) while it attempts to connect to the unit at home. Is there anyone with direct access to the Tablo at home? Is it possible to have it rebooted?

I see good resolution on my IPhone using the lowest resolution 500 Kbps.

Anyone having remote viewing problems should try this setting first.

See screen capture image from my cell phone below.