About Roku update

Major update in beta testing. https://cordcuttersnews.com/roku-os-13-is-coming-soon-as-beta-tests-begin/


Interesting. I wonder if it would be safest to have a secondary account so that your primary devices won’t get upgraded if they do select you for the beta. Thanks for sharing!

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Great idea!

IDK how they decide or what they use to determine who gets the beta updates (certain serial #s?), but I’d definitely do more of that research before signing up. I would just hate to be a beta tester and then WHAM all my boxes are testing this new OS!

You sign up?

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Nope! I have been virtually trouble free and don’t want any headaches. This goes a long way to confirming suspicions that Roku played a big part in the Tablo-Roku problems.

lol. I second that! I pulled both mine out this morning hoping that they’d have that Tablo update pushed through. Not sure if I was relieved or disappointed it wasn’t ready!

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