Able to watch 30 minute show with NO problems

My setup:
Winegard FL500A antenna
Roku 3
Roku 4
FireTV Stick
TP-LINK Archer C7 Router
Zoom 5341J Cable Modem (I OWN - NO cable modem rental for me)
Tablo Quad 2.2.6
Seagate 5 TB disk

EVERYTHING connected 5GHz WiFi, though only Roku 4 supports Wireless AC

EDIT: Max Recording Quality HD 1080 - 8 Mbps

I was able to watch NBC Nightly News without any problems on Roku 3, Roku 4, and FireTV Stick. I believe that the network infrastructure and antenna play a large part for those having problems? Di others agree? Perhaps I should watch Project X and see if I have the same results. I was surfing the net at the same time, but NOT streaming Youtube or anything else.

@TabloTV Do you agree with my thoughts? Other Tablo users agree?

Mind sharing what Roku versions you’re on (if upgraded to 7.0)?

Roku 7.0 build 8771 on Roku 4 and version 6.2 build 3672 on Roku 3

Thanks, certainly seems like you’ve controlled then for the version differences (was sort of hoping my issues Sun night could be due to 6.2 version of Roku). I’m doing a little more intensive testing in another thread, but this super useful as a comparison basis for those of us with similar setups (I have same router, Roku 3) trying to rule out device-by-device.

Small sample size, but testing last night over a pure wired environment (mostly on watching recordings, not live TV), and no playback issues on 2.2.6 (just pretty slow loading after fast forwarding).

I did try fast forwarding commercials, and it is slow starting back, so for now I just let the commercials play. Also 1 minute to bring up list of recordings. The Roku’s Tablo app have the alphabet down the side, but the FireTV Stick did NOT. @TabloTV - I think the alphabet on the right side is a good idea and hope to see it added to FireTV Stick. Also like the help screen on the FireTV Stick beta for remote shortcuts. Any chance of them being added to the Roku?

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Request noted!

I believe your assessment is correct, that it’s pretty much network infrastructure and antenna that determine whether or not you’ll have a good experience with Tablo. I my experience, most routers that people have are adequate for doing email and web browsing, but may fall short when it comes to streaming high quality video. I had thought my old router was pretty decent, and for most uses it is, tho I had to reboot it periodically. I’m much happier with my TP Link Archer C7.

The choice of antenna, and your location relative to the broadcast towers is also a big variable… distance, obstructions, elevation, direction, sensitivity, UHF vs. VHF, etc., etc… I’m mostly happy with my antenna (RCA ANT702F) and the way it’s mounted because it works most of the time, tho I do have an issue with one channel when it rains, and a couple of channels that are at the fringe of reception such that I get them sometimes, and sometimes not, but they have some good old TV shows so I take what I can get. I did try a much more expensive Mohu Sky 60, but it’s performance really sucked relative to what the ANT702F is giving me.

The other big problem for Nuvyyo is the wide diversity of streaming media players… multiple versions of Roku, Fire TV, Android platforms, Web browsers, etc. Not to mention various software versions and builds for all these platforms.

I’ve also seen where a number of folks don’t keep the Tablo up to date for various reasons, and many are still using the original Roku channel, not being aware of the availability of the Roku Preview channel.

By way of comparison, TiVo doesn’t have any of these issues, with the exception of the antenna, so it’s much simpler to get a TiVo up and running, particularly for the non technical end user. When you think about it, it’s actually pretty amazing that Nuvyyo has managed to build a platform that works as well as it does for a lot of folks, and in my case, works really well. But then, I have an extensive technical background that I was able to leverage to resolve issues with my Tablo and bat them down, one by one.

Actually My wife was trying to watch one of our recordings and she told me that after she found out it took 4 min to buffer after fast forwarding she just watched the commercials as well but it would still do a buffer during them anyway. We had no problems with buffering on the roku before the update to 2.2.6. This is the regular roku channel and not the preview just fyi.

I lost 62.3 and 62.4 during this past weekend with the rain. They are in Killeen and I’m in Austin, and there was rain all over the area. My local Austin stations all stayed up.

In addition to being in information technology I also have a Ham radio license and understand signal propagation.

Guess I should do another review of Tablo on Amazon, and mention what I have for the best Tablo experience. All parts sold on Amazon so can have links.

The HDTV antenna from the infomercial is junk and should be avoided at all cost. It’s bad and splitting bad = worse.

CQ beastman de WA4CUA. K.

KE5ASU . Do you have Echolink?

I’m mobile right now… Not near rig…
I think one of the repeaters has Echolink but I have not been active lately. See for my info.

If your device for watching Tablo has Youtube, search for arrl. Also if you have TWiT, there is Ham Nation among other shows.