Ability to manually tune in UHF/VHF channels

I have 2 channels that I need to tune in that are only 11 miles away. I know I could buy a better antenna but just asking anyway.

What does your Tablo show when you try to tune those stations?  0 dots?  

If you see the stations in your channel listing, but the dots are not there, then you will either need to move your antenna around to a better location, or you may need a better antenna.

With digital, if the Tablo isn’t seeing it to add it to the list, it ain’t gonna record it or show it to you. The days of manually tuning in a station are pretty much gone, IMO, because if the device tuner (TV, Tablo, other DVR, etc.) can’t see it to add it, it can’t see it to play it for you. Digital is there or not there, unlike analog which can come in weakly and you can manually tune in or add, digital is there or not there, and the device must “lock” onto the signal.

If it is a vhf channel and if you do not have a proper antenna for vhf then you will have to upgrade. Mine is just 6 miles away and I can see the tower from my house but the regular antenna could not pick up the vhf channel.

@ibjclark - Our super smart power users are correct. If the channels are not coming in during a scan, you may need a different/ more powerful antenna. You can also play with moving the antenna around and doing a channel rescan to see if you can find them.