ABC News Won't Record

New to Tablo…just two weeks!

Problem…I have the daily NBC Nightly News and ABC World News both set to record all episodes, keeping one at the same time each day. The ABC is properly set but will not record. Tablo 4-tuner, no other tuners in use…so only two used. The NBC records fine. In the recordings list on Roku and a PC, ABC appears with a “1” in the upper corner. In the Roku recent recordings list, NBC appears, and there’s always a blank box above it that I presume is suppose to be the ABC recording. But the ABC is not recorded. Deleted all episodes of ABC and tried again…no change.

No other issues recording the station,super high signal strength, record a local newscast directly before and after the ABC news.


Sounds similar to the scenario that is supposed to be resolved with the 2.2.20 firmware that was just released…

Note the orphaned recording part…


Received the firmware upgrade after this was posted. The ABC and NBC news recorded as set. Thanks Tablo!

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