ABC Houston (KTRK) live broadcast displays Jimmy Kimmel Preshow of June 16th

Yesterday I noticed that our local ABC station in Houston (KTRK 13-1) is not working properly. When attempting to view live content which should have been broadcasting our local ABC news, it appeared to be broadcasting the Jimmy Kimmel Preshow for the NBA Finals. I checked the TV guide and the content appearing is correct.

I thought it was just a fluke and picked another station to view the local news without issue. However, the behavior still continues this morning displaying the same content of Jimmy Kimble as last night. The guide again is displaying the correct information.

I am experiencing no issues with accessing live broadcasts from other local channels and ABC has a very strong signal.

This behavior is seen on all devices (Roku3, MacBookPro, iPhone). How can I resolve this issue?

Running …
Device: 2.2.10


Update … I just rebooted my modem, router and Tableo device and the problem is resolved. Can anyone shed light as to why this issue would have occurred?

With mine, it seems that every few months the WAN/LAN-modem-router-extended WAP-roku-NP-iPad-iPhone etc just get all knotted up kinda like a hairball :grinning:

The good news is it seems to get less often with each software release for Tablo.

One thing that could cause this is a brief power outage, or a brownout.
If your modem, router, or Tablo power gets briefly cut, it could cause an inconsistent operating state.
In layman terms, the device gets confused, and will need to be rebooted, or power cycled in order to get back to normal again.
I highly recommend all essential network, and computing devices be fed power via UPS (uninterruptible power supply) devices.
UPS devices are also known as battery backup devices.