ABC encrypted in tampa, florida?

I have an outside good antenna that gets great reception. I’m using the new generation box to watch and record shows. Recently my scheduled shows for ABC have been failing and when I directly go to the channels for ABC they fail to come in. (Station 28.1 and 32.1).

This is only happening on ABC stations. I tried rescanning channels and it finds ABC and has full signal in the green, but still won’t tune into ABC. Did ABC start encryption of their OTA stations? Do you need ATSC 3.0 to pick it up now?

Thanks for your help

I’m in St. Pete and receive 28.1 and 32.1 with no problem. Check to see if your Tablo amp setting is on and try toggling it to see if it makes any difference. Mine does better with it on. Using the same amplified antenna as I had before getting my Tablo I have found that Tablo pulls in more channels and with better reception than I had without it. Good luck.

My antenna has built-in amplification. So the tablo one is off (its recommended off when you have another amplifier in the antenna itself). This problem only started recently and only with ABC, idk what it is.

Whether or not to turn on the amplifier is not a hard rule. I live 40 miles from the antenna farm and had to put 2 amplifiers between the antenna and Tablo with the internal amp turned on.

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Shouldn’t be this as even if they start broadcasting an ATSC 3.0 signal they still have to broadcast their ATSC 1.0 signal right now as well.