ABC Channel 8 Dallas Fort Worth NOT Detected (old thread)

I have the Tablo 4 tuner. I have gone through all the support and setup instructions. And I pickup all major networks as well as the other locals, EXCEPT ABC.

ABC doesn’t even show up. I’ve tried multiple antennas, re-positioned, used RF amplifier, unplugged antenna then scanned to zero out found channels; used other ota tuners…and I get great reception and signal from everything, but cannot even detect ABC Channel 8 in Dallas (tower in Cedar Hills, TX).

Anyone else have this issue? Any resolutions?

Ah the beauty of VHF. You need to make sure you have antenna that can pick it up.

(in far North Frisco, able to get them most all, including ABC)

You need Winegard FL5500A or make a homemade antenna for channel 8. Go to and put in you zip code. Look under Real.


I purchased the Clearstream 2V-J3 from Walmart that claims on the packaging to support both UHF/VHF digital reception up to 60 mile range, indoor or outdoor.

However, the channel I need is Channel 8 VHF 180-186 MHz and I’m not exactly sure what frequency bands my antenna receives; possibly only higher bands?

This is in the VHF hi band, however it is at the lower end of the hi band.

I have the Clearstream 4V, which has the same VHF dipole antenna as the 2V. I have no signal issues with UHF channels, but my one VHF channel gives me problems sometimes. I improved the reception with an RCA preamp installed at the antenna mast.

However, if you’re not getting the channel at all, you might need a dedicated VHF antenna such as the Clearstream 5. You can use the RCA preamp below to take your UHF signal from the Clearstream 4 (remove the VHF dipole), and VHF signal from the Clearstream 5, and combine them.

“My one VHF channel gives me problems sometimes.”

Is that still the case? There is something one can do to improve the Clearstream’s VHF dipole reception. What the Clearstream VHF side is missing is a reflector which can add up to 30% more VHF gain to the antenna. Its UHF aspect has a reflector but that reflector does nothing for VHF (it is too small).

The VHF addon dipole is 32". One could attach another 32" pole to the UHF reflector right behind the VHF dipole and thus have a VHF capable reflector on the antenna. One sees this in 1950’s type VHF antennas where a second pole is mounted behind the VHF dipole to reflect the signal back onto the dipole. The VHF reflector in order to be effective has to be 32" or longer (all of one piece) and about 9 inches behind the dipole.

You can see that on the Clearstream5 where Antennas Direct provided a larger VHF capable reflector that mirrors the VHF wavelength. The reflector screen on the C5 is also 9" away from the receiving element whereas it is 5" away on the C2 and C4.

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Another mod to the antenna would be to place a mini screen reflecter behind the VHF dipole rather than a pole. 34" x 6" extended lengthwise behind the VHS dipole.

Hi neighbor! I am in the Wylie/Murphy area, and have no issues with ABC or any other channel in area… very strong signal on all channels (even through storms with lightning and hail between antenna and tower). I use an RCA ANT-751 antenna (comes with J-pole mast, be sure to tar the base) mounted on the roof pointed toward the Cedar Hill towers.

At work we had what appears to be an old Channel Master antenna that is installed above the roofline on a pole secured up the side of the building. Its been there a long time; we moved in over 6 years ago and it was there then.

Anyway, I located the coaxial above the drop ceiling tiles, attached it using a HDHomeRun.Extend dual tuner that I bought before Tablo, but hadn’t yet used, and successfully received signals from over 80 channels including ABC 8. So evidently the ClearStream 2V at home cannot detect the 186 MHz VHF, unfortunately, only higher band VHF.

I connected the HDHomeRun.Extend to Plex DVR to record the ABC channels I can’t at home.

I wish Tablo would put together a functional database of areas and antennas rather than the searching manually through a long list of reported uses.

This doesn’t sound feasible - so many options and variability.

I have connected my tv to the antenna, directly, and the channel is clear.

There can be variables. You might need slight amplification for example going into the Tablo which has an internal splitter. Also, TV’s sometimes have excellent (very proprietary patented) tuners. It’s possible the tuner on the TV is better than the Tablo’s.