ABC 7-1 Stopped streaming. 7-2, 7-3 *are* working

Tablo 2 Lite w/ attached drive
Firmware 2.2.38

Every channel in my channel map streams/tunes EXCEPT 7-1 (KABC Los Angeles). This channel has worked on this tablo previously. I’m not exactly sure when it stopped working. When you try to tune the channel on the Roku app, the little circle just spins forever.

I’ve re-scanned a few times, and signal level for 7-1 is 5-bar GREEN.

What’s odd is that 7-2, 7-3 and 7-4 are all working (tuning and streaming).

I had a similar issue in Phoenix. The main channel of one of the big broadcasters just stopped working but the subchannels continued to work. I’m thinking those are broadcast at a different frequency? Anyway, when I did a scan, it showed TWO entries for the primary channel. I had to switch to the ‘other’ main channel and then I got a signal. Maybe it has to do with the whole 3.0 thing? You might do a rescan and look for a ‘duplicate’. Good luck.

Have you saved your scan after running it?

It could be that one of the broadcast parameters has changed and needs to be updated within the Tablo.