A simple way to tell the difference between an HD and SD station

It would be great if there was an easy way to tell the difference between and HD and a SD station. Maybe color code? 

I don’t mind recording SD but when I’m look at recording a series or looking in live mode it would be real handy to know this.

I know it doesn’t help while navigating Tablo, but you can tell in the Settings by the active channels.  From there I just remember which channels are HD, when searching movies or shows by channels.

@thesillyrabbit - This info is included in the channel lineup info in your settings screen but you’re right, it would be helpful if it appeared elsewhere. 

We’re always looking at ways to improve the UI and this is a great idea.

It doesn’t have to complicated either. Maybe just change the font color to if it’s in HD. Just a  though.

+1 for this feature request. Since HD/SD can vary at the program level and not necessarily the channel level, the visualization should be at the program level in the EPG. In most EPGs I have seen, there is a flag in the grid view for HD programs. My recommendation would be to add an HD flag similar to the “Live” and “New” flags that Tablo already uses in the EPG grid view.

You can look at the channel lineup and if it is 720 or 1080 it is an HD station, but if it is only 480, such as MOVIES!, COZITV, GetTV, Escape! in Austin, TX, then they are only SD channels. Most older shows are only SD, so channels like COZITV, AntennaTV, others that show Retro TV, are mostly only broadcast on an SD channel.

+1 for adding an HD flag to the EPG grid view